Am I Good Enough?!

May 27, 2019 By: Brissa Espinoza Over the years I have seen people having different opinions of how we should look or act in front of society. People have started having expectations on how to be the perfect child, adult, or even teenagers. For example, girls are expected to sit in a lady-like manner, or they must have […]

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“I Have a Dream”…

March 26, 2019 By Brissa Espinoza The month of February is filled with many traditional events to celebrate. Particularly, we celebrate Black History Month. Thus, I want to share with everyone and honor of the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a positive role model who impacted America greatly and one of the greatest heroes we […]

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iPhone Choice

January 16, 2019

compile iPhone Xs MAX or iPhoneXr? I hear people argue about which iPhone is the best, is it the iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs. Let me help you with some differences between the two. First, the iPhone Xs MAX is bigger than the iPhone Xr. Second, the Iphone Xs MAX is 6.5” inches, and the Iphone […]

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