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Why Soccer?!

buy Pregabalin in uk By: Mya Reyes

regardez ce site web At East Grand Preparatory, we have athletic activities including basketball, cheerleading, soccer, and volleyball. The main sport that is popular right now is soccer. Everybody seems to love soccer! The weather for soccer season is coming and we are so excited to see our soccer teams represent EGP with pride!

cougar rousse rencontre Many people have compassion for a sport. For example, some of the soccer players here dream to be future professional soccer players on the big screen. They have the dream to go to college with a sports scholarship and become successful players.

I was curious to know what was going on inside a future soccer player’s head, so I asked some of the soccer players a few questions:

  • How did you become interested in soccer?
  • Do you have a favorite professional soccer team?
  • Who is the sports icon that influenced you the most and why?
  • How long have you been playing soccer?
  • Are you enjoying soccer so far?

The first player I asked is Ms. Jayla Estevane, and 8th grade captain of the Lady Eagles. Her answers were interesting. For example, for the first question her answer was that she became interested in soccer because when she was little, she thought it was fun and now plays for our school’s team! This was probably her most exciting question because as soon as I finished, she quickly answered “My favorite team is, of course, Leon.” I really don’t know much about soccer, but she made it seem like they were great. The sports icon that inspired her the most is Alex Morgan, because she achieved her goals and fought her way to the top. For the final question she answered with confidence “of course I’m enjoying soccer so far!”

The second player who I asked was also in the 8th grade, which was the other soccer captain, Ms. Dayanara Torres. You may know her because she is a Student Council officer as well as Cheerleading Captain. She’s basically a social butterfly! For the first question she answered, “I have been playing soccer my whole life and that’s why I enjoy it”. “Barcelona,” she shouted, when I asked about her favorite soccer team. I replied that Barcelona is a well-known team, which made her giggle. She also admired Alex Morgan. I thought to myself that I need to start reading about her if she’s so good that she’s two junior soccer players’ answer. After that question I asked her how long have you been playing soccer, to which she responded, “five years now!”  Wow, I thought. Dayanara also mentioned that she was enjoying soccer so far!

Finally, we have Mr. Antonio Larranaga! To be fair, I needed to interview a boy player, as well. His first response was that “his dad inspired him to play soccer.” Everyone needs a role model or should look up to someone. I myself, believe it is a good thing to do at our age. We constantly need support from someone.

For his favorite team he answered “Cruz Azul,” which many may agree or disagree. Pele was Antonio’s favorite soccer player because he was so good. When I asked him how many years he had been playing soccer, he answered “the same as Jayla, seven years!” Seven years is a long period of time, which is probably why Antonio is so good at soccer! For his final question, he said “yes, he was enjoying it so far.” A boy’s point of view was just what I needed.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I would like to give a special thanks to the people I interviewed here for giving me their honest opinions and answers. EGP is excited to have a wonderful, supportive soccer team with talented, dedicated students. I cannot wait to see our team’s future.

Let us support and root for our soccer team!

Thank you to our amazing coaches, Coach Paredes and Coach L. Lopez, for inspiring many of my peers to become part of something great.