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One in a Million By: Gabriella Avellaneda

how to know if online dating is right for you Who is Dr. Miranda? She is our principal and I had the privilege of interviewing her. She is awesome; one who can be called a friend! There is so much to learn about Dr. Miranda and her education. If I could summarize Dr. Miranda in one word it would be “courageous.”

free lesbian dating chat rooms As a principal, it is vital to have behavior expectations set. How does Dr. Miranda deal with misbehaving students? She first gives them the benefit of the doubt; warning them to not waste her time. Yes…her time is very valuable. Dr. Miranda always makes sure the punishment aligns with what the student did wrong. For example, “if a student throws food at somebody and all you do is make them do more work, that won’t correct the original problem. Instead I give them an isolated lunch.” To Dr. Miranda, behavior means a lot. She is a great role model for demonstrating the expectations to all students.

What does Dr. Miranda find most satisfying about her job? She replied, “watching the teachers and students grow.” As our principal, she is an amazing individual, seeking to always give kind words, care, and love to everyone. Dr. Miranda thrives to ensure all students at EGP grow. One way she proves it is by greeting every single classroom! A simple visit from our principal encourages students to give it all while at school. She always takes the time to say hi, or even ask, “how are you?” Small things like these are very powerful, knowing she cares about our development.  She likes it when teachers and students don’t need somebody telling them what to do, because it means they finally understand what to do.

What is Dr. Miranda’s greatest achievement? “I had been in school for several years, and this year (2020) I got to walk the stage for earning my doctorate.” To Dr. Miranda, giving up is not an option! Her achievement was not easy. Although she may look like one “tough cookie” throughout her journey, she almost lost motivation. As with any individual, Dr. Miranda became very stressed, because it was taking a lot of time. She felt like she could not handle going to school since she also had her own family. Working two jobs became an option she had to take. Despite all the hard times, Dr. Miranda never gave up! What a strong leader! This is a proud moment, indeed, because what you might not know is that Dr. Miranda is part of only one percent of Hispanic women who have their doctoral degree! Top one percent! I asked, “how does it feel to be a part of the one percent?” “It feels like a dream, she replied.” Well Dr. Miranda, it is not a dream, but a reality. A reality to be very joyful about.

Dr. Miranda describes herself as a resilient person. She doesn’t like staying at one place in life; she’d rather keep moving than stay in problems. Good advice!

Something else you might not know about our principal is that she enjoys spicy foods. Her favorite snack is Hot Cheetos. Her favorite book is a book that she reads to the students and its name is Momentos Mágicos.  She also enjoys going on walks, reading, and going to the movies. Does she have a bad habit? “I do! I go to sleep late even though I know I need to sleep.” Who would have ever thought?  She is always in a good mood, greeting everyone, and being very friendly. She is truly a great individual with open arms.

I wondered if throughout her journey, Dr. Miranda ever looked up to someone. Dr. Susan Hull is the one who inspired her very much. Dr. Hull helped Dr. Miranda to get her doctorate. To Dr. Miranda, she was a great person, always willing to go the extra mile to help her out with her education and career.

Why did Dr. Miranda choose the education field? She chose it because she worked at a juvenile center and saw young people who had messed up their own lives. She wanted to help kids to choose a better path for themselves. Becoming a principal and wanting to change their lives by giving them hope and encouragement is what she came to be. Without any doubt, she is doing just that here at EGP.

What keeps Dr. Miranda keep going as a Hispanic woman? She tells other people her story and she sees them get inspired for which she feels proud of herself. She attended Mountain View Community College for her associate’s degree. She attended the University of Texas in Arlington for both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Lastly, she attended Texas A & M University for her doctoral degree. Dr. Miranda’s hope is that everybody is able to do something special with his or her life.

Her example has set a great reminder that anything can be achieved no matter where you are from. Even as a Hispanic woman she made it through her long journey with many stressors. A great mother, leader, daughter and friend is Dr. Miranda. She feels blessed to have come a long way. It is the greatest moment in her life to have walked the stage and it is an amazing moment to see Dr. Miranda walk our hallways with a smile!

Words cannot explain how grateful we are to have her with us at East Grand Preparatory. Is it an honor to have her as our principal. One who always goes the extra mile to help students in any way possible. A super friendly individual you can just talk and call her a friend. One in a million!

Dr. Miranda, our Principal at EGP and me!