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Bridge to the Future

Full Report By: Brissa Espinoza

les sites de rencontre par affinité The future. Have you ever thought about it? I mean, who are you going to become? Where are you going to live? These types of questions all depend on one thing: school. Believe it or not, school is a big part of your future.

rencontre femmes 30 ans en moselle In order for you to have a good future, you have to go to school and study. School plays a big role in your life, and I feel that kids and teenagers should take it seriously. It all starts in elementary, then you go to middle school, which leads you to high school. But finally, and most important, college, which will determine your career.

School isn’t only for learning academics, but where you also learn social (life) skills. For example, you know when you have to do group projects or even just going to lunch. You acquire social skills and structure. It helps your ability to interact and communicate with people as you are developing self-growth. Communicating with people is so important. Wherever you go, you must talk to people. Nevertheless, self-growth will be acquired gradually through every-day life experiences that mostly take place while you are at school.

I know that some kids and teenagers (these days) believe that school is a waste of time, but the reality is the foundation of your future lies within these four walls. Yes, school may be difficult and stressful sometimes but, in the end, it pays off. You are gaining responsibility and achievement. I encourage you not to give up! Keep trying even when it gets a little hard. Because every day you attend school; every day you do assignments, tests or projects, you are building your future one step at a time.