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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

By: Naimah Adallah

Many people around the world think that cheerleading is not a sport, but from personal experience I can say that cheerleading takes hard work and dedication. For example, don’t football players have to remember plays? Well cheerleaders have to remember cheers. Also cheerleading can start in elementary school and work its way up to a career just like NFL cheerleaders come in 1st 2nd or 3rd place just people who are in gymnastics and they consider that a sport so why can’t they consider cheerleading a sport?     

I talked to two of the cheerleaders from our school Marissa Gorosrieta and Dayanara Torres and here are some few things they said. They consider that being a cheerleader is very hard because they get pushed to their very best of the best and they have to keep their grades up or they don’t get to cheer for 6 weeks. I also asked them would they want to make cheerleading a career and Dayanara said she sees it as a HOBBY but Marissa sees it differently. She said if she does more cheerleading games, she will be interested to make it a career. I had the opportunity to meet a woman named Michelle, during trying out for cheerleading at this school, and she is part of a team named NCA. Michelle said it is very hard to be a cheerleader because they have to get up at 6am to practice their cheers and they have to go from camp to camp. This is definitively a lot of work for her and her team. 

In cheerleading they get hurt just like you get hurt in any other sport. So, in conclusion, the next time you think cheerleading is just someone getting think again because cheerleading takes hard work and dedication.

This is why, I Consider cheerleading a Sport!