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Harmony Within EGP By: Mya Reyes

click reference Here at East Grand Preparatory, we like to have some educational, but fun events. One of the events we’ve had this semester is Unity Day. You might be wondering what is Unity Day. Unity Day is more than just a day to unite. It is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month. Show support? How?

dating startups in san franciscop To participate in Unity Day as a school, most students and Teachers wore orange to show support for students who have been bullied.

In case you didn’t know, the original color to symbolize Unity is Orange. Orange is a color encouraging acceptance and kindness in all ways possible. It is wonderful and beautiful to participate in such day to bring encouragement and positivity.

One of the ways the school participated was by every class doing a project in relation to Unity Day. BOY! It was tough but, amazing to see how all classes participated and each was very unique. Did I mention that every class worked on it as a team. Go Teamwork!

Many of our classes did a different component so it is seeing every student point of view.

Let’s start off with 8A. This class made an awfully good of a performance showing and representing their class. They made a huge artistic poster saying “No Bullying Zone” which had everyone’s signature on it. Additionally one of the classes really stood out. Jonathan Mancilla, a student in 8th grade  stood up with an amazing short rap song that talks in many points of view of bullying. It took a lot of courage for Mr. Mancilla to show his point and thought on bullying and uniting. Everyone loves music right!

Class 8A did a splendid work supporting bullying. In my personal opinion, I strongly believe it was astonishing to see all the effort put together by the whole school in efforts to bring unification.

Now let’s talk about 8B. This class was not only supporting and rooting for diversity but they were also explaining how bullying can affect someone in many different ways. Understanding the ways this negative acts can affect a student or individual are essential to learn about. They kindly welcomed us in and not only did the whole class participate but, they had their own spokesperson Jairo Ruiz. First off, Jairo introduced one of the many projects this class was working on which was a big poster showing everyone’s handprint on it. Later he then explained how working together encourages everybody to contribute whether it is through thoughts, opinions, or actions. In addition to the posters created came out another poster explaining diversity. Unity day greatly contributed to the true meaning of diversity. However, what is diversity?

 This poster had some very good artwork drawn on it. More specifically it was the whole class drawn on and Mr.Rodriguez, their educator, is on the top of the poster. They explained that everyone might not be better or cooler than some people but, that everyone is together  and different in their own ways. The message of diversity was definitely printed on this poster. Despite an individual’s cultural, social, or physical differences, we are all the same and accepted. It is what we call Unity Day in which we share the kindness and acceptance of everyone. WOW! Expressing kindness and inclusion make a great difference.

Atlast! We have come to their final project. The whole class mentioned this was a surprise. Who doesn’t like surprises?! The surprise was a story about how bullying can affect a single person’s life and you may not know it . That class sure did an affect on me! It is such a powerful message and way of spreading unification. Let us not forget about Unity Day. Does not matter your age; you are one to make a difference if you stand with others on Unity Day. Not only do we stand together in Unity Day but, wherever we go.

Did I mention that the winning team wins a 100$ prize! Let me just hold you on for another second and tell you who won. It was 8B! Congratulations! Everybody is a winner and unique in their own way. 8A and 8B did an awesome job, they both deserve the prize. Not many people can see through a person. Not many people can see what damage they might have left when they say a mean comment. One thing we can do together to ensure others feel accepted in unifying on Unity Day. In conclusion, think about your actions before you speak.