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A Heart for the Community

Interview by: Gabriella Avellaneda

Do you ever think about the people that work behind the cameras when you watch the news? Well, behind the camera many people work hard for us to see the product on the screen. Thru this article, I will let you get to know a woman that works behind cameras with a heart for the community. With her example and hard work is a pillar for our community here in Dallas. Her name is buy provigil over the counter Felicitas Cadena.

Mrs. Cadena is the Chief of Community Affairs at the Univision 23 channel, Dallas. She has been working there for nearly 18 years now. Wow! How many lives has she touched all these years, being a role model for the Hispanic community! In her college years she studied in a small liberal college named Pomona College in California. An inspiring woman who loves TV and media since she was a child, enjoys soccer and watching her daughter play out in the field. She describes herself as curious and enjoys asking questions. Loves reading and dancing. A cheerer of teams, specifically women’s encourager. Mrs. Cadena considers herself both leader and follower, remarking the support needed as well as being able to support others, believing that there is no wrong or right.

What about working for a television channel? She shared that the best of her job is being able to work with a great variety of individuals, “ site de rencontre qui marche bien being able to connect with the community in many ways“. On the other hand the life behind the cameras is very energetic, a fast-paced environment. Working with news and making story coverage decisions depend on the urgency of the news topic. Prioritizing the last-minute news and determining if necessary, changes will be made. It is not easy as it requires many surprising and unexpected changes. If the news is not as urgent, the crew will take a break to learn more about the topic and decide when it will broadcast.

What most impressed me about Mrs. Cadena was her will and courage to make a difference. As she quoted “ rencontre libertine landes waking up in the morning knowing I can and am capable of improving what I couldn’t do the day before. Bettering myself and wanting to bring a change.” She encourages us to learn from our mistakes and never give up. Because dreams can come true even when we face hard times, challenges, and failure. Learn and keep trying.

Thank you, Mrs. Cadena, for your encouragement, your words that are a motivation and most of all for your accomplishments. Because thanks to your example and completion of goals and dreams you are an example of never giving up and working hard. With all you have accomplish, we find hope to visualize ourselves someday celebrating our goals and dreams as well. We honor your service to our community and are grateful for your heart, for reaching many and touching lives endlessly from family to family and generations.

Mrs. Felicitas Cadena