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Which Is Your Favorite?

By: Brissa Espinoza

Have you ever thought about your favorite TV show or your favorite genre (or theme)? There are many different categories, but today I am going to be sharing with you some of the most interesting categories:  comedy, romance, and drama. 

I want to start with comedy. Comedy’s purpose is to entertain you by making you laugh. An example of a comedy show is Friends. This show is about a group of best friends that live in New York from their 20’s to their 30’s, and how they face normal adult life with many twists. It just celebrated its 25th anniversary since it first aired. This show is available on Netflix. My favorite episodes are season 2 (episodes 14 and 19) and season 1 (episode 7). Those are my favorites because I find them the funniest.

Another popular category is romance. The purpose of romantic TV shows and movies is to show a love story in which the main characters must face many obstacles in order to be together. An example of a romantic movie could be Tall Girl. It is an original Netflix show and it’s about a girl named Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, who falls in love with a foreign exchange student. He leads her on but ends up dating Jodi’s bully, Kimmy, while Jodi’s best friend (who is a boy) is madly in love with her. Later, Jodi realizes that the only person who truly values her is her best friend. The exchange student realizes that he made a mistake by choosing Kimmy because he wants Jodi. But it’s too late. Jodi ends up with her best friend and realizes height doesn’t really matter. I love the message of this movie: appearance is not always the main thing in a relationship.

The last category is one of my personal favorites: drama. Dramatic TV shows and/or films contain real-life problems. In other words, they are realistic fiction. Realistic fiction could happen in the real word, but most like would not. In dramatic shows, there is usually a lot of conflict and it always has a really big impact on the character. An example of this would be the popular Riverdale series. Riverdale is about high school teens who solve mysteries. The first season was about finding who killed Jason Blossom. The second season was about finding out who is the Black Hood. Finally, the third season is about a satanic game. Each of these events affected each character in many ways and changed them drastically.

In conclusion, my personal preference is drama, but the other ones are good, also. Now, these are not the only movie genres, but they are the most interesting. Most of our favorite TV shows or movie themes are based on our personal opinions, lifestyle, past experiences or maybe our social group. These are the reasons things we watch what we do, and why they are meaningful and important to us. After reading this article, which of these categories are you going to try for entertainment?