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More Than a Leader

buy generic Neurontin online By: Gabriella Avellaneda

get redirected here There are so many great staff members here at EGP who share the same goal for an awesome and positive school year. Out of all our great staff at EGP, I interviewed our assistant principal, Mr. Dickerson, for this month’s article. After the interview, I have to say that he is a determined and motivational individual! I have learned so much about Mr. Dickerson and his belief in this school. Please continue reading to learn more about this fascinating individual. Mr. Dickerson was born on July 12 and attended Stephen F. Austin State University. He is an outdoors person who enjoys fishing very much. He likes to inspire others and be innovative. You may not know this, but Hot Tamales are his favorite candy.

When I asked him as to why he decided to become a teacher, his response was, “I saw a poster looking for science teachers and that is when I knew I wanted to be a teacher.” Boy! Science is an awesome subject and having an awesome teacher to teach it makes it even better. This year, as Assistant Principal, he wants every student to be academically successful. If you are a student, remember he wants YOU to be great! He believes in you and knows you can do it! In order to do that he ensures discipline is projected. Mr. Dickerson believes in the following disciplinary system: to train by instruction and exercise in self-control. He is a very strong believer in self-control.

I asked him to describe himself in one word. His response? Visionary. In other words, he strives to achieve different outcomes for the future.  He said his strength is being a visionary leader and his weakness is overworking myself.  We always love a hard-working assistant principal. Thank you, Mr. Dickerson, for all your hard work and helping others. We know how much work it is to look after a whole school along with other staff. Cheers!!

One question I find very important to ask staff is why they chose to work in education. Mr. Dickerson’s response was “to find a purpose in life and to help others on theirs.” Mr. Dickerson wanted to get experience at a charter school, so he chose EGP. Like everybody else, he faces a big challenge: not having enough time to do everything. At a school, it is very hard to find time to complete all tasks. I find it very special to have an individual, like Mr. Dickerson, who seeks to find the time.

A teacher does not become a teacher for no reason. Mr. Dickerson became a teacher because he wants to inspire and maximize student’s potential. As a student myself, there are times where I find it hard to believe I can achieve something. After hearing those words from Mr. Dickerson, I felt encouraged. Furthermore, he says he always listens to the parents first. We all know many parents have concerns and maybe even opinions about their children’s education. It is nice to have someone who is always available to listen to others and hear them out.

As a word of encouragement, Mr. Dickerson gave me a quote: Excuses are nothing but monuments of nothing. They build bridges to nowhere. Those who choose these tools of incompetence are masters of nothing themselves.” There is no doubt he is determined for excellence and positivity.

It is such a privilege to have Mr. Dickerson as our assistant principal here at EGP. I found it a pleasure and honor to have interviewed him and gotten to know who he is and in what he believes. Again, thank you Mr. Dickerson. We are so glad to have you as part of our family at East Grand Preparatory. (If you see him around, make sure to say hi!)