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Lady Eagles First Win of the Season

By: Naimah Adallah

Bam!! She hit the ball for the win! Are they going to get the point? That was the sound of the crowd watching the Lady Eagles play. Now, let’s go back to the beginning. I asked the coaches and the Lady Eagles questions about how they felt about the game and how this game was going to be different from the previous game. The coaches said, “This game is going to be different because we have more veterans from previous years and the girls said they were excited about the game and had the determination to win the game.”

Before the game, the coaches had a little pep talk with the girls and encouraged them to do their best. Ms. Chivers said, “We don’t let people scare us. Be fearless. If you defeat yourself, you’re already losing”. The Lady Eagles demonstrated that they were not scared by looking fearless. At the beginning of the game, the Lady Eagles started off with 10 points in a row, giving them a big lead and the win in that first set. We just needed one more point to win that first set, but the Pioneers continued to make it difficult.

In the second set, the Lady Eagles were behind at first, but they caught up with the Pioneers and it was our final point for the win. We got that last point for the win with a total of 25 points. So, I didn’t have to ask how they felt. It showed in their faces. They were happy. Great game!

So, a big shout out for the Lady Eagles on their first win of the season!