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Influence Through Media

By: Emily Lovos

Do you or any of your relatives watch thriller or horror movies very often? If so, do you notice any difference after watching them? This article is about how violent movies affect us as viewers. In this article, I am going to explain why researchers believe that movies that contain violent scenes could make us more aggressive and act in anti-social behavior. This topic is important because violent movies are very common today. They are popular with pre-teens, teens and young adults, as well. Recently, research has been conducted on 216 teenage and their reactions to watching violent movies.

Research shows that both our brains and our actions are affected by what we watch in movies and on television. The article says that everything depends on the level of violence and terror in the movies. Research also shows that approximately 80 percent of young people watch movies and television that contain violence and/or violent themes.

Psychologists report that learning environments to which children are exposed are also considered to contribute to the increase of antisocial and violent attitudes. On the other hand, environment, culture and their past experiences may also affect a child’s feelings about the movie. For example, have you ever watched a dance movie and when you leave the theater, find yourself wanting to dance all the way home? So, scientists ask the question:  if feel-good movies can affect our attitudes and what we want to do, can’t violent and horror movies do the same thing in the opposite spectrum?  If children and teens are often exposed to media that glorifies violence, can’t they be influenced to behave in more violent and harmful ways toward others?

To conclude, I think the research is showing all too clearly the role that violent movies are playing in today’s society. Do you watch violent movies? After reading this article, do you think they are good for you?

Reference: Sallen B, Nizam Osma , Zoheir Sabaghpour. “Effects of watching violence movies on the attitudes concerning aggression among middle schoolboys (17-18 years old) at international schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.” European Journal of Scientific Research2009: 141-156. Euro journals Publishing. 10/7/2019 =