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Hero In Disguise

By: Anaya Chong

Hello my name is Anaya and today I will be talking about Jairo Ruiz and about his generosity. On the announcements he was called for giving a student shoes with his own money. This was a caring act of Jairo pointing him to be a great role model student of East Grand Preparatory School.

I had the chance to interview Jairo and ask him about what he did. I asked him who he was and how old he was he said his name was Jairo Ruiz, that he is currently in 8th Grade and is 13 years old. Another question I asked him was if he personally knew the student, he said that he did not. That Mrs. Jones told them about the student’s life story and how that student did not have the best life.

I also asked if he had an influencer who inspired him to do this amazing deed. He answered that hearing what Mrs. Jones said about the student and his life, inspired him and he took what she told him and his classmates into consideration.

Jairo noticed that the student took cleats to school and the day after sandals. Then he felt like he needed to do something to help the student. He shared that he felt it necessary and that it was the right thing to do. Then I asked him: Do you think people should follow you example? He answered in affirmations that there should be more people willing to act and help like he did. Thanks to Jairo and more people like him kids that are in need or even adults are being treated and helped.

Pictures by: Jonathan Arango