EGP On the Lookout

official website By: Mya Reyes Here at East Grand Preparatory, we have sports that most of us like to participate in. For example, basketball. Basketball season will take place soon here at EGP. We are so excited to see who will make the teams. Tryouts take place on Friday, October 25. However, before tryouts, I personally interviewed Coach Young to question him about how tryouts will run and what is expected. I wanted to give input on how and what you can do to make sure you are chosen to join the basketball team! Here at EGP, it is one of the most popular sports we have because a lot of people really enjoy watching and coming to our games.  They are also really entertaining to watch.

click to find out more The first question I asked Coach Young was how it is to work with the team. In his response, he told me that it’s a very fun experience watching the players learn. Additionally, he also learns a lot about himself, because he must pay attention to detail about how to control the team to learn. Another important question I asked was “How do our players improve over the years?” His response was that working together as a team has improved individual players.”  Remember, team is key! For those who wish to try out for the basketball team, make sure you are motivated to work together. I have known Coach Young for several years and I could not help but ask him why he became a physical education teacher. He replied that his mother was also a physical education teacher, and he watched her and her students have fun while doing an important job. Now we know that Coach Young got his motivation from his mother. That is very sweet!

The final question I asked him was “What is your belief in a proper school discipline system?” and he answered with “that there is a punishment for every negative action”. Keep in mind, EGP is on the lookout for well educated, academic proficient students, who are also well behaved and self-controlled.

Some facts you might not know about Coach is that he has been coaching for eleven years. He played basketball in middle school and high school, and he was in the National Football League (NFL) for one year. How cool is that?

In addition, I also interviewed one of the basketball players who played for EGP last year, Joshua Ogbeide. I asked him, “How did your team work together?” and he answered by saying, “we all passed the ball to each other. As for improvement, I know there are improvements that need to be achieved. Again, it all comes down to working as a team!”

I also asked him, “How do you deal with the pressure of having to perform in front of the crowd?” He replied, “It is a scary and nervous feeling when the team is losing but, it is the encouragement and energy in a game that makes it the best and fun.”

When tryouts take place, it is going to be exciting having to choose those to represent our team. If you are wondering what it feels like to be put out of a game, I asked Jonathon, “What are you thinking when you get benched during a game?”  Being very direct, he said, “What did I do wrong or why did the coach sit me down?” Remember, as for any other game at any other school team, we learn from each other just like Coach Young has said.We cannot forget how important it is to stay motivated. The next question I asked him was, “How did you stay motivated after losing a game?” and he replied, “By keeping my head up because you will always lose some games”. The most exciting question I asked was, “What were the most incredible games you have played?” He remembered one: “The one game we had with Pegasus last year when we were tied, and we were working like a team.” There is nothing but great amounts of excitement as a team when all games are so memorable and impressive.

We have a hard-working basketball team and some remarkable people that represent East Grand Preparatory who will do whatever they can do to help. Do come ready for tryouts and give it your all! East Grand Preparatory is on the lookout for the best of the best, ready to win! Personally, I am grateful for all our staff and students that do the most to put a smile on our faces. You rock!

Picture by Photographer: Jairo Ruiz