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Aggression Calls By The Silver Screen

cheap lasik eye surgery san diego By: Valeria Gonzalez

empagliflozin in canada We all love movies! Whether it’s horror, romance, or science fiction, we like to watch something that is relative to our lives. What we sometimes don’t realized is the images and messages we watch can affect us mentally and physically. The type of movies we watch can affect our way of thinking; changing our thoughts and sometimes, our reactions. What we watch, it can influence us to be aggressive, maybe start loving something that we didn’t before or maybe change our perspective of life.

We know most people do not become violent immediately after watching this type of movie. But have you thought how these movies can influence a generation? On a personal note, I have known of a teen who nearly attempted to hurt someone just to impersonate a fictional horror story known as Slender Man. This is just one example of how violent messages or movies can affect young people’s minds and actions.

These movies are also able to make people act paranoid. It can change their perspective on some things that can be really scary and can also cause aggression. This is why there are ratings on all movies, even though teens manage to watch them, sometimes with an adult and sometimes we go alone, which is not good.

To conclude, I personally think that movie theaters should be very committed to asking for identification (ID), especially with R-rated movies. If a movie-goer is underage, confirm the teen is attending with adult supervision. I feel the same with PG-13 rated movies, especially those with some violence in them, as well.