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The Dallas Morning News

By: Joana Murillo

Build The News Upon The Rock of Truth and Righteousness; Conduct It Always Upon The Lines of Fairness And Integrity; Acknowledge The Right of The People to Get From the Newspaper Both Sides of Every Important Question!” This amazing and inspiring quote was the first thing I saw when I walked in to the Dallas Morning News.

On March 8, 2019, the members of the Digital Media Club (DMC), had the amazing opportunity to go visit the Dallas Morning News. Before I continue, I want to say thank you to our mentors and Ms. Casiano, who made this possible for us. They have pushed us to be our best. Now, back to the trip.

When we first walked in, there was the quote with big letters on the wall to the right. When we were greeted, they explained that the quote was written by one of the founders of the Dallas Morning News. After this, we walked through the doors where the magic was happening; where these amazing people were creating their masterpieces. We learned that there were different departments and people who worked in them. Each department has a job and a purpose.

The first department we visited was Photography. Here, we had a glance of their equipment and then we made our way to see were the journalists worked. We also learned that not all journalists write about the same topics. We were able to speak with social media specialists, who talked to us about the importance of their job for the Dallas Morning News. They keep up with the company’s social media activities, as well as keep track of how many people visit their website and how many of those come back to the website.

Afterwards, we went to a room full of cameras and special lights. They explained that sometimes they go live with Channel 8 News and they also use that room to broadcast about some of the published articles and unreleased ones, too. While we were in there, I had the chance to sit in the chair and give a short speech of my first published article. This was very exciting for me.

But the coolest part was yet to come. We were heading to a meeting (in progress), and on our way, we observed other departments. When we got to the conference room, there was an active discussion about what articles and topics were going to be published for the next three days. Our group went in quietly and Anjelly, Brianna, Eliza, and I had the opportunity to sit in the table with the real professionals. We witnessed how these people were talking about other journalists’ work and photographers. They were also choosing the best article to go with the cover. They also asked buy Lyrica 150 mg online us what we thought.  Can you believe that?

When they were finished, we were able to ask them questions about their career. When we were finished asking our questions, they went back to their duties, except for one of them.  This editor gave us a speech about the importance of school and college. He stressed the fact that our education is very important if we want to get far in life.

After we left the conference room, we had the chance to go to the rooftop. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip! I liked the view and I could imagine myself working there. Then we took some pictures on the rooftop and made our way back to the entrance. Finally, we departed from this amazing place.

On this trip I learned a lot of new things, one of them being: “The Right Of The People To Get From The Newspaper Both Sides Of An Important Question.”