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By: Alison Silva

Typing...clicksent…! Don’t you get tired of texting or scrolling through social media? Social media has become so common and popular within a range of ages. Nowadays, teens opt to spend “an average of nine hours a day online,” according to Common Sense Media. Today, if you were to ask a teen what is one thing they can’t live without, most would say “My phone!”

Surprisingly younger and toddlers have substituted their recreational time with electronics. Today, parents tend to give their kids tablets or phones simply because it is easier.  It is important for children and teens to go out, disconnect from media and socialize outdoors. There is so many things to do outside like go to a water park, YMCA, or summer camp. So many options out there are open which are so much fun!

In our community they are so many options to choose and do for fun. For starters, we have the YMCA in Gaston Avenue. Their mission is to put Christian values into practice through programs that build healthy spirits, mind and body for all. The YMCA has so many activities for all ages. They have teen nights where teens enjoy positive activities such as basketball, crafts, games, fitness, circuits, guest, speakers, music, and more! They also have more activities for teens like, teen action council, teen babysitting, and teen CPR. So, middle school students can have real life/adult jobs and responsibilities. During the summer they offer swimming lessons for all ages and lifeguarding lesson for 16 or older.

The YMCA has youth programs (6 weeks – 14 years old). They have parent’s night out. PNO is held Saturdays, each night is themed with coordinating crafts, activities, and a G-Rated movie to end the night. YMCA youth sports programs helps build a priority on a family involvement. The sports they have are baseball/T-ball/softball, soccer and flag football. Their website is:

Another recreation opportunity near our school is the Samuel Recreation Center. Along the school year the offer sports, dance classes among others. But they also offer a variety of activities during summer too. They have a kid’s night out, where parents go on a date, etc. Their theme this year is glow party, but you must have a valid recreation card to participate in it. Their website is:

Finally, we have The Cove at Samuell Grand. That is our newest waterpark in Lakewood. It has a pool, slides and many more features. The admission fee is $6 for 11 years & under and $8 for 12 years & older. But if you are interested of visiting often, you can get the season pass for $42. They will be open in full season on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 from 12-8PM. Their website is:

I encourage you not to miss out all the fun out there! I wish you a wonderful summer and a time to create great memories to carry on.