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By: Valeria Gonzalez

The definition of knowledgeable is to develop and use conceptual understanding; exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. We engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance. Daisy Ruano was chosen to be interviewed for the learner attribute: knowledgeable. I managed to ask her a few questions during school hours.  Here is the result of that interview:

1.Why do you think your teacher chose you for this attribute?

Daisy responded by saying that she thinks her teacher chose her because she is a hard-working student in class and understands what goes on in class. She also helps other students with their schoolwork.

2.How do you feel about being chosen for this attribute?

Daisy said that she never thought about being chosen for it. It was a surprise for her hearing that she was chosen for that attribute. She was also not expecting to receive a shirt for it as a reward.

3.When did you start being knowledgeable?

She thought for a bit and then responded that she started in the third grade. She has carried the reputation of being a knowledgeable student since that time. Who knows if she will keep carrying it with her until she graduates from high school?

4.How do you feel about the shirt?

Daisy feels comfortable wearing the shirt and overjoyed being able to wear it on Fridays each week with jeans, along with the other attribute winners who have their own shirts.

It is good to know that we have students who have committed to their personal attributes whether they began this year, or a long time ago. We might never know if next year we will have new students who are lucky enough to be chosen for this attribute.