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Dependability. Leadership. Strength.

By: Anjely Torres

In the United States and many other countries around the world, citizens are allowed to vote to make change happen. At East Grand Preparatory (EGP), we have recently inaugurated our first Student Council. We are very excited to have them as our leaders and are very thankful for all the effort they have put in for our school so far!

So, what is Student Council? What do they do? Student Council is made up of our very own students who are willing and determined to make a positive change for EGP. These students are dependable and have great leadership. In the past, EGP did not have a Student Council. Our council of students is formed to cast votes, share ideas, and voice concerns with mentors. Seeking to make our school a better place, these students raise funds, plan social events, and conduct food drives, etc. At our school, Student Council is one of the most honored programs. Student Council was just established this school year, but it has involved to be a great program for many reasons.

Our Student Council has two faculty sponsors:  Ms. Cruz and Dr. Ferrell.  The Student Council meets once a month from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. in the library. They talk about programs, fundraisers, and how to improve the school. In order to become a member of the Student Council, the officers presented a speech regarding why they wanted to become a member. Students in grades 7 through 9 voted for the officers and the class representatives were voted on by their individual classes. Members-at-Large were selected by the faculty. After all votes were cast, Dr. Ferrell and Ms. Cruz tallied the votes and announced the winners from class representatives to officers. A few weeks later, they had their first meeting and they talked about their responsibilities and duties.     

At the moment, Student Council participates in EGP’s Reading to Grow program, in which Council members read to younger students after school. It also has a Big Brother/Sister program, Stop Bullying, STARR Motivation and other missions to come!

Thank you, Dr. Ferrell and Ms. Cruz, for encouraging leaders among our school community and a big shout out for every Student Council member for their commitment and exceptional leadership.

Here are the student-members participants and their roles:

PRESIDENT –     Britney Martinez (9th grade)

VICE PRESIDENT –        Eliza Baez (8th grade)

SECRETARY –   Mireya Montoya (8th grade)

HISTORIAN –     Jairo Ruiz (7th grade)

Class Representatives

8th grade:     Kevin Dominguez & Joanna Murillo

7th grade:     7A – Ashley Castañeda

                      7B – Israel Martinez

6th grade:     6A – Juan Diego Cortes

                      6B – Amiel Sanchez

Junior Representatives

5th grade:     Felix Aguilar & Adrian Sanchez

4th grade:     Yazmin Bautista, Ramon Garcia, and Jocelyn Gonzalez


9th grade:      Mary Rojas

8th grade:      Flor Aguilar-Hernandez

7th grade:      Abigail Santiago

6th grade:      Kennedy Hayden