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College Experience

buy depakote er online By: Joana Murillo

As young adults, we seem to stress or worry about the future. One of the things we stress about the most is college; the one thing we all dread, for some reason. To be honest, I even stress about it, but something I have learned is that hearing about other people’s college experiences has brought me some relief. So, as your one and only college-life reporter, I will be sharing about a typical college student’s experience.

Before being able to attend a college, you have to enroll and be accepted into the college (or university). Before enrolling, you need to know (and have) the requirements to be accepted.  However, Nadia Fuentes says there is a long list of things that the college administration considers, such as: school grades: GED, SAT, and ACT scores, family income, etc.  After you are sure you have all the requirements you need to enroll, you need to apply to a college. During the application process, it is a good idea to visit three to five different schools in order to gather information in person, and after making your decision, voila, you’ve been accepted into college!

Have you ever wondered what an average week in college is like? You will probably want to know to be mentally prepared. Ms. Fuentes states that an average week in college is usually attending classes five days a week and studying hard for at least four of those days.

I asked Nadia if she thinks college is important and why. Her response was that it is super important, because knowledge is POWER; POWER to defeat unemployment, corruption, and environmental problems, among others. Right now, we are learning the basics in our primary and secondary education, but the world is more than that. In post-secondary education, you will be able to start understanding things more deeply. College will help you choose a career; develop social, personal and economic skills for your life; earn independence; and deal with life’s challenges. Every day you will learn something new, and you will never be tired of it. Now that you have had a peek to your future, I hope you feel better and less stressed.

We, as students, should be more open about this topic and help each other. Help each other expand your minds about not only college but your future. Challenge yourself to be the best. However, don’t do this because you need to or because you are forced to do it, you should do this for you and for your future.

I challenge you to be the best you can be and fight for your future!