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http://drometta.com/?fbclid=IwAR0SSuclq6RcFRaePql3LsvAuNPyjRHWQoBwamUsz2t2X6_jmgTb4PwoN-4 By: Valeria Gonzalez

As the Learner Attributes columnist, I decided to conduct an interview about the caring attribute this month. I chose a second grader from Ms. Gomez’s class. I am going to share it with you.

1.Why do you think your teacher chose you for this attribute?

Alexis responded by saying that one time he saw a chair on the floor and decided to pick it up and put it where it belongs to prevent someone from getting injured. He is also kind to his classmates and friends.

2.Who or what inspired you to be caring?

Alexis stated that his inspiration is Ms. Webb (school principal) and Ms. Gomez (classroom teacher). He is highly inspired by these two women and decided to be like them.

3.How do you feel about being chosen about this attribute?

Alexis said that when he found out about him being chosen for the attribute “caring”, he was very happy, surprised, and amused.

4.When did you start being caring?

Since the age of five or six, he got the caring spirit he has now, which is good for a kid to have for their future actions and mood.

5.How did you feel about receiving the T-shirt?

Once he received the t-shirt he was really excited and overjoyed that he got the chance to be happy about his achievement. He is still very happy and so is his teacher.

It is great to hear from a caring second grader in EGP, his own experiences, and why he has decided to continue to be a caring person. I know this story will inspire you to be more caring and doing more kind acts in our school.

-Valeria G.

Attributes Columnist