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East Grand Annual Winter Carnival

By: Anjely Torres

At East Grand Preparatory, our annual Winter Carnival is the event of the year filled with many activities for everyone. 

Our three- and four-year olds practiced very hard to present amazing performances ranging from Spanish to English Christmas songs. They had a blast! Moving their little feet and hands, we enjoyed it as well. I was amazed and delighted to see such great attendance from our parents and staff. We can all agree it was an amazing carnival that gathered everyone together. Another highlight from this event was our third graders who did an outstanding job, along with East Grand Preparatory music teacher, Ms. Jones. Seeing the students working together in harmony was just wonderful. Afterwards our amazing Pre-K team and staff had prepared games in the classrooms for our visitors. It was so much of fun to see students singing karaoke with so much passion! I believe our cake walk game was the best! Many visitors left the carnival with cakes and cupcakes as winnings from this game. My brother and I had an amazing time, played the games, and were able to take a cake home. It was amazing! Throughout the event, I have never experienced such wonderful time gathered together with friends and family at East Grand Prep. This year’s carnival really caught my eye; not only the food, performances, and games, but our beautiful Pre-K hallway.  

Thank you to our Pre-K team who gathered together to bring The Polar Express to life. To all our staff who dedicated time to gather everything and make our carnival happen: many thanks to you! It really felt like Christmas was here. The Winter Carnival was such a great event. Thank you to everyone who joined us and volunteered. Hope to see everyone again next year!