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Get to know Coach Young

By: Suzette Avellaneda

Coach Young is many things to many students, teachers, and peers, but today you get to learn a little bit more of him. In this interview we talked about many things you didn’t know about Coach Young.

Coach is thirty-three years old. He grew up in Pleasant Grove and graduated from West Mesquite High School. He has also been a coach for years. He has always wanted to be a coach since he started to play football and because his mom was also in the education life. What motivated him to keep going for twelve years and still is being able to spread positivity and being a role model to younger people.

When he was in middle school he wanted to be a professional football player, but some injuries happened when he played that didn’t let him. One thing for sure is that he would not change his last ten years. The reason is that he believes that he is headed the right path in his personal life and in his career.

Coach is also a motivator because he wants to be able to teach and guide the individuals in his life to their own goals. He evaluates his success by the good and kind people around him. He provides care in his community and peers. At the end of the day, he has his own time and he uses it to make motivational speeches in YouTube or he coaches his son and the kids in his community in many sports.

Thanks, Coach Young, for the opportunity of this interview, so others can get to know you!